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Friday, 2 March 2012

Marshmallow Break~

Hey guys! If you guys noticed ( I hope you do! XD) that I haven't been active in blogging like before and it's hard when you have to wrestle with 3 other people to use a computer. And it's even harder when you got lotsof homework and projects to do. I can't help feeling like this is a punishment I got for two years of leisure and playing all day long.

So since there'll be big exam coming (which is tomorrow!) I won't get to blog anymore cuz there's gonna be a lot of preparations and studying need to be done. Really this year is gonna be harder and I won't get to read many books too which I really prefer doing! I've pledged to myself that I won't online, not until the exam is over! So good luck to me and see you guys a week later!

Aai M.Marsh

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